MCAF 2nd International Conference Call for Papers

The Montreal Comic Arts Festival (MCAF) and the McGill Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Montreal (CIRM) are pleased to invite you to its 2nd Comics Arts International Conference, Beyond Borders, in Montreal, from October 19 to 21, 2023.


Doktorandtjänst för forskning om tecknade serier i Trondheim!

I projektet “Pårørenderollen og litteratur som remedium ved NTNU”
“Stillingen skal dreie seg om å undersøke pårørenderollen i en nordisk sammenheng og skal inkludere grafisk litteratur – ellers er vi svært åpen for ulike tilnærminger. Vi tenker at både litteraturvitere, medievitere, helseforskere og andre kan være aktuelle søkere, og vi er svært åpen for ulike tverrfaglige viklinger (f.eks. narrativ medisin, grafisk medisin, biblioterapi, bruk av litteratur i ulike helsesammenhenger, m.m.)”
Läs mer: Pårørenderollen og litteratur som remedium

Ansökning senast 15 augusti:

Fredrik Strömberg, “Comics and the Middle East: Representation, Accommodation, Integration”

2022-03-11, disputerade Fredrik Strömberg vid Medie- och kommunikationsvetenskap, Malmö universitet på avhandlingen Comics and the Middle East: Representation, Accommodation, Integration.
Avhandlingen finns att läsa i sin helhet på

NNCORE is finally waking up from its prolonged hibernation!

Now that the Nordic Summer University’s three-year long Comics and Society study group, which has been organizing comics symposia twice a year from 2019, has run its course, the Executive Board thought it apt to resurrect NNCORE in order to provide a forum for the Nordic comics scholars to communicate, meet up and share ideas with each other again.

The board has met a couple of times during spring and autumn to discuss the future of NNCORE. At the moment, the organization has no funding so the activities are organized accordingly. That means that for the time being, instead of big real-life conferences, we will be hosting multiple small-scale online events. Fortunately, thanks to the exceptional circumstances we have been living under for over a year and a half, we all have learned to converge virtually.

The first event will be taking place already on Friday November 12th from 13:00–14:00 CET when Michael J. Prince, professor of American literature and culture at the University of Agder in Kristiansand, Norway and a member of the Executive Board of NNCORE will give a talk titled “Axel Jensen’s Flash in the Pan: Desertscape and Renewal in Dr. Fantastisk”. The event will take place in Zoom.

Professor Prince’s presentation opens the new NNCORE online paper series, where various comics scholars can present their works. If you are interested in presenting a paper as part of the series, email Rebecca Scherr at

Another NNCORE novelty is this very blog that you are currently reading. We hope to make this blog into a platform for comics scholars to publish texts on subjects they are currently working on. Anything and everything concerning comics and comics studies is of interest, be it academic or not! If you have an idea for a blog post or a ready text, send it to our new blogmaster Aura Nikkilä at The intended blog posts should be approximately 1000–2000 words. 

Stay tuned for more from NNCORE!

NNCORE paper series: Mike Prince on Axel Jensen’s Dr. Fantastisk

NNCORE is happy to announce that we are back! We are beginning our activities with an online paper series, where various comics scholars can present their works. Our first speaker is Mike Prince, Professor at the University of Agder, Norway.Prince will present “Axel Jensen’s Flash in the Pan: Desertscape and Renewal in Dr. Fantastisk” from 13:00 – 14:00 (Oslo time) on November 12th.Paper abstract: While not acquainted with any of the literary or artistic figures conventionally labeled “beat,” Axel Jensen’s personal and literary trajectory is analogous to Kerouac’s, with similar thematic considerations and literary practice. This is evident in his breakthrough novel from 1957, Ikaros, a tale of a young man who flees the confines of consumerist culture and seeks what may be called a “spiritual renewal” in the Sahara. As an autobiographical novel, this book is steeped in sincerity and authenticity, with the protagonist’ stated commitment to produce an idiom based solely upon his own experiences.Some fifteen years later, Jensen collaborates on an unusual work that plays freely with the visual and literary modalities of comics, the series Doktor Fantastisk. The comic appeared in sixteen installments in the spring-summer of 1972 in the Norwegian daily paper Dagbladet. Two years later, a single installment was printed in a Norwegian samizdat publication, Vannbæreren Nr. 2, in 1974. In 1995, J. W. Cappelens Forlag published the entire series as a single volume.This paper explores three aspects with this graphic series by comparing and contrasting with Ikaros: the desertscape as a source of renewal, the aspect of the erotic as a part of this renewal, and how these themes transform from the authentic discourse of the autobiographical confessional novel to ironized satire in the comics series, using these same two elements. I will first briefly embed Axel Jensen in his proper social and literary milieu, and position Jensen as a “Norwegian Beat,” and at the very center of Scandinavian counterculture at the juncture of social crises concerning the EC and the Vietnam War, and therefore committed to authenticity in his artistic expression.The second half of the paper will focus on Tore Bernitz Pederesen’s (and briefly Roar Høyland’s) visual contributions to the Doktor Fantastisk comic strip, setting the psychedelic style of the series in the context of contemporary pop art. Finally, the letters section associated with the comics will reveal that Jensen’s experimental collaboration into the comics medium indicates a work that may have been flawed at the outset, unequipped to carry the thematic weight of Jensen’s earlier works.About the speaker: Michael J. Prince is a professor of American literature and culture at the University of Agder with a focus on popular culture. He has been a member of NNCORE since 2011 and has published articles and made presentations on the works of Alan Moore and Marvel comics. He also works with film and popular music. His book Adapting the Beat Poets: Burroughs, Ginsberg and Kerouac on Screen was published in 2016.

Erzählen im Manga

Museum Rietberg
Kunst der Welt in Zürich
Gablerstrasse 15
8002 Zürich

10/Sep/21 Bis 30/Jan/22

Von Tradition zur Pop-Kultur: Die kompositionelle und ikonografische Tradition japanischer bildender Kunst beschreitet in den zeitgenössischen Manga neue Wege. Manga erzählen alte Geschichten so, als wären sie neu. Das geschieht mit modernen Techniken des Seitenlayouts und der Blicklenkung. Wie unterscheiden sich diese von den Leseerfahrungen der historischen Querrollen – ob als Umblättern in gedruckten Manga oder dem digitalen Scrollen im Internet?

Für die Ausstellung wurden Teile einer mittelalterlichen Querrolle «mangaisiert». Seiten aus japanischen Produktionen, die die klassische «Geschichte vom Prinzen Genji» adaptieren, ergänzen das Bild.

Program of the ComFor Annual Conference 2021: “Coherence in Comics”

The ComFor web editorial team is back from its summer break with an announcement on its own behalf: the 16th annual conference of the German Society for Comics Studies (ComFor) will take place from 14-16 October 2021!

The conference will be held online via WebEx; there is no conference fee; registration by email to is requested.