Newsletter No.3 (March 2012)

Now, five months after NNCORE’s founding meeting in Odense in October 2012 we are in the middle of the second phase of activities,

consisting of a series of thematic group seminars relating to the network themes (see the website, for descriptions of the themes). The seminars constitute the core activities of NNCORE as the contacts and interactions established in them hopefully will lead to future cooperation regarding research projects, publications and conference participation. In this phase, we prepare for future concrete results, and this newsletter will therefore be a description of what we are doing rather than of actual results.

The first seminar was held last week in Kristiansand, Norway, and was the Comics in Between: Intertextuality and Inspirationthematic seminar. A report from the coordinator, Michael Prince, will be in the next newsletter, but judging from the program and the participants lists, it has surely been a very productive and interesting seminar.

Øyvind Vågnes is the coordinator of the following seminar to be held in Oslo, Norway in June. This is the meeting of the thematic group, Questioning or Constructing Communities and Identities, and 11 people have signed up for it. The seminar coincides with the Oslo Comics Expo 2012 (, which gives the participants from all over Scandinavia the opportunity to visit this event after the seminar. The Expo program is not available yet, but based on the list of invited guests and speakers, it looks to be very exciting.

The third seminar under way is that of the Propaganda and Censorship group that will have its seminar in September, in Freiburg, Germany. The reason for having the meeting in Freiburg instead of in Gotland where the group coordinator, Michael Scholz, is based is that we combine it with the participation in the German comics research network ComFor’s grand comics conference on Comics and Politics, September 27-30 ( ComFor and NNCORE have already established a first contact, and hopefully the participation in the conference will strengthen the relationship further. Apart from having the thematic group seminar in Freiburg (26-27), the ComFor organizers have accepted a panel on Scandinavian comics and
politics with presentations from five NNCORE members.

NNCORE has grown, and we are now 45 NNCORE members, up from the 28 founding members. With the exception of one or two very recent members, you can have a look at the new members’ profiles on the website ( The new members represent different Nordic countries as well as different stages of research, from MA students to associate professors. In terms of publications, the first NNCORE anthology based on the founding meeting at the University of Southern Denmark is progressing nicely and looks to be a truly interesting book. There is a couple more joint publications initiatives under way, which will be announced in future newsletters.

We are furthermore taking the first, small steps in the preparations of the NNCORE international conference to be held in 2013, and it now has an official name: NNCORE 2013. International Conference in Comics Studies. Organized by the Nordic Network for Comics Research and held at the University of Helsinki, May 23-25, 2013

NNCORE is open to new members. The requirements to become a member are that you are involved in some way with the study of comics and comics research, and either belong to a Nordic institution or study Nordic comics. You are welcome to contact Anne Magnussen, if you have any questions in this regard or if you would like to sign.

Edited by Anne Magnussen, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

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