Bernd Dolle-Weinkauf


Professor, AOR (sen. acad. staff),

Dept. of Modern Laguage Studies, Institute for Children’s Literature Research, Goethe-University, Campus Westend, Frankfurt, Germany

Dr Bernd Dolle-Weinkauff’s principal fields of work are children’s and youth literature, picture books, comics, graphic novels and manga. He received his PhD in 1983 with the research project “Comics for young readers in West Germany” (1983-1989), Goethe University Frankfurt; Expertises about comics and cartoon films concerning copyright, readership questions, media legislation, prevention etc. He was a member of the jury for the “Max-and-Moritz-Award” for comics in Germany, (1986-1994), and he is the director of the Institute’s comics collection (ca. 50.000 media, including approximately 5.000 manga) since 1986, and President of the “Society for children’s and youth literature Germany/Switzerland” (since 2004). Together with Jean-Marie Bouissou (Paris) and Marco Pellitteri Dr Dolle-Weinkauff founded the European Manga Research Network (2006).  He is the author of

“Comics. Geschichte einer populären Literaturform in Deutschland seit 1945” (1990) and co-editor (with Hans-Heino Ewers and Carola Pohlmann) of the Jahrbuch Kinderund Jugendliteraturforschung .(since 1999).