Thierry Groensteen


Angoulême, France

Thierry Groensteen was born in Brussels in 1957, Thierry Groensteen has curated the Comics Museum in Angoulême from 1993 to 2001. He has also been a scriptwriter, and the chief-editor of two important journals : Les Cahiers de la bande dessinee and Neuvième Art. He is the founder of the publishing company L’An 2, now a department of the group Actes Sud. He teaches at the Ecole européenne supérieure de l’Image, in Angoulême.

He is the author of numerous books about the history, the semiotics and the aesthetics of comics, including Un objet culturel non identifié (2006) and La Bande dessinée, son histoire et ses maîtres (2009). His Système de la bande dessinée (1999) has been translated in several countries, including the United States (The System of Comics) and Japan. He publishes a follow-up in September 2011, entitled Bande dessinée et narration.