Report (September 2018)

Dear members,
we, the organizers of the NNCORE Seminar held at Stockholm University on 9 September 2018, 13.00-18.00, would like to thank all participants for an extraordinarily interesting half-day event. The presentations offered insights into the rich material and theoretical approaches that researchers in the network (especially in Sweden this time) are engaged with.
This first seminar in the Nordic Network for Comics Research with the new executive board had two main goals:

  1. Gather the executive board representatives from the Nordic countries in order to consolidate the network and plan future activities.
  2. Invite scholars with an interest in comics research and discuss current and ongoing projects from different disciplines within the Nordic region.

ad (1.) We regret the difficulties we encountered when trying to get in contact with all the representatives from the Nordic countries who had accepted their election to the NNCORE executive board. Yet, we were thankful that Essi Varis (Finland) could join us digitally and present one aspect of her PhD research project (download her working paper and send her your thoughts!).We hope to announce the date for the public defense of Essi’s thesis on the NNCORE website very soon.

Some of the board members contacted us retrospectively, and we are in touch with Rebecca Scherr concerning the NNCORE seminar in Oslo, scheduled for spring 2019. Respective information shall be available soon on this website.

Since the NNCORE executive board needs more time to consolidate the team and discuss the functioning of the board, joint activities, development of research, funding etc., we suggested to hold an e-meeting in November 2019.

ad (2.) The participants in our NNCORE seminar discussed the contributions with great academic engagement and gave feedback from various points of view, which contributed to a dynamic meeting between scholars from a range of disciplines. It seems promising to continue with this seminar series, and we hope that the next meeting in Oslo will follow up on some of the themes that emerged at the Stockholm seminar such as theorizing characters, theorizing comics as a communicative genre – format coding as a tool, representing and reading transnationalism in comics, the beginnings of feminist comics in Sweden, genealogy and historic origins of strands in comics – where and why?

Ylva Lindberg and David Gedin

NNCORE Stockholm Seminar
Sun, 9 September 2018  13:00–18:00

Location: Stockholm University, Albano campus, Asia Library (Kräftriket 21A)

Essis Varis (University of Jyväskylä): On the Transmediality of Fictional Characters (e-presentation)
Margareta Wallin Wictorin (Karlstad University) & Anna Nordenstam (Luleå and Gothenburg University): Comics in the Swedish Feminist review Kvinnobulletinen.
David Gedin (Uppsala University): Format Codings in Comics.
Adnan Mahmutovic (Stockholm University): Ms Marvel and the New Transnationalism in Popular Culture

Complete programme: nncore seminar 9 september 2018
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