Origins and Objectives

The Nordic Network for Comics Research, NNCORE, was founded in September 2011 with a grant from The Danish Council for Independent Research | Humanities for a two year period. Since then, the research network has expanded both in terms of Nordic scholars as members and regarding international contacts.

After the first period of funding, NNCORE will continue as an association. This was decided at the NNCORE conference in Helsinki, Finland in May 2013, and in June 2015, the network will have its first conference as an association including the appropriate election of offcers. An interrim executive board is in charge of the conference and of drawing up the framework for the association. Its president is Rebecca Scherr, Oslo University, Norway.

From its beginnings, NNCOREs objectives have been, and they continue to be the following:

  • to create a strong international research network turning the Nordic countries into a permanent and solid reference within the field of comics research;
  • to develop a long term framework for research training within the field, across the Nordic countries and with an international perspective
  • to highlight and strengthen the connections between comics research and other research fields within the humanities and social sciences; and
  • to make comics research visible in a broader societal context, contributing to public debate about art, culture, politics and history.

For more information about NNCORE’s plans and organization, please contact a member of the executive board.

Members & Advisory Board

Executive Board & Articles